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How To Find The Best Baby Diaper Bag

How To Find The Best Baby Diaper Bag

Are you going to be having a baby soon? If you’ve got a new child on the way, you’re going to want to make sure you have a high-quality diaper bag. Life will be a lot easier if you have a way to carry items like diapers and bottles around.

Naturally, you’re going to want to make sure you buy the best baby diaper bag you can. Here are a few tips that will help you find a great diaper bag:

Look At Reviews

You should make sure you look at a lot of different reviews before you purchase a diaper bag. The bag that you buy should have plenty of great feedback from customers. If lots of people love a bag, that’s a great sign! If you buy the bag, you’ll probably love it too.

Read The Product Description

If you’re going to be ordering your diaper bag online, you should make sure you take a good long look at the product description. You can find a lot of important information there. More at

What should you be looking for? For one, you should check out the size of the diaper bag. Make sure it’s big enough to meet your needs. You should also check to see what kind of materials it is made from.

Set A Budget

The best diaper bag is going to be a bag that you can afford! Set a budget for yourself so that you don’t spend too much.

If you have a baby coming, there are a lot of things you are going to have to do to prepare! If you take the time to select a quality diaper bag, it will be a lot easier for you to manage your baby’s needs. With the right bag, you’ll always have the supplies that you need. More at


Parents with babies often feel forced to sacrifice style for function daily. As pretty as they are, many purses don’t hold bottles, wipes or diapers — and don’t even get us started on the stain risk you take by having your favorite bag near a baby. My one rule when I became a mother 15 years ago was that my diaper bag will never even remotely resemble a diaper bag. People who know me will tell you — I don’t do ugly. I’m not carrying some heavy, frumpy diaper bag. With all the options out there, especially with the eCommerce boom of the past two decades, you don’t need to sacrifice style for functionality anymore. So, I set out on a search for a diaper bag that I could use from day to night. After scouring all of the diaper bag styles: clutch, backpack, convertible, hobo, sling, messenger, tote, fashion, breast pump, and beyond, I found 10 stylish and functional ones that no one will even know hold the baby’s dirty laundry (so to speak.) Now when someone asks, “Where did you get your purse?” You can smile politely right on cue and say, “You mean my diaper bag?”

1. Elizabeth Leather Tan by StorkSak

This bag embodies sophistication and is structurally timeless. Celebrities love StorkSak as well. Angelina Jolie was keen on the Gigi (only available in the UK), but I’ve fancied the Elizabeth (seen here) since I saw it. It is made from lake washed leather, which ages with the bag and has brushed gold hardware. If you’re looking for a diaper bag that doubles for office attire — most laptops fit inside this beautifully. More at

2. Catherine Leather Almond by StorkSak

This diaper bag is my new favorite. I carry it everywhere and everyone thinks it’s Marc Jacobs! This Hobo Style Diaper bag makes it easy to fall in love with the carrying your baby’s accessories around.


3. Be Right Back Tokidoki — Animalini by Ju-Ju-Be

This bag was stolen by my 16-year-old daughter upon seeing it. As in, I never actually got to use it myself. This animated backpack is the ultimate hybrid.

4. Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag

Here is a classic example of how something can be printed all over a bag without appearing busy. Mickey Mouse is all smiles on this spacious satchel. It’s so kid-friendly!

5. Zahra by Babymel

Available in a variety of shades, these bright colors make motherhood look fun, even if the rest of your outfit is comprised of yoga pants and your 7-year-old son’s old Thor t-shirt.

6. Green Label Neckline Bag by Lassig

This diaper bag is unlike any other! It is unique, attractive and stylish enough to be used on a daily basis by mom long after the babies have grown. Best of all, it’s lightweight and made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

7. “Annie” Breast Pump Diaper Bag by Sara Wells

The “Annie” is the professional breast pump bag you’ve been waiting for. Stylish, functional, and tall enough to fit the largest laptops vertically, this bag will carry literally everything you need including the breast pump.

8. Brookside Tote by Little Unicorn

Available in three beautiful colors: blueberry, taupe and brown, this minimalist design and clean style is all about straightforward function. With eight pockets, a special protective iPad pocket, cushioned changing pads, matching stroller straps, handy key hook, and made of wipeable vegan leather, this bag is a must-have. More at

9. Kate by MZ Wallace

As women and moms, being prepared is non-negotiable. This bag was designed for a mom of triplets. It comes in great colors. Stylish and functional, this bag will last for years. Nothing says diaper bags have to be neutral, bulky or heavy anymore. You can have all the pockets you need, stylish hardware, and a fashionable diaper bag that you can carry from day to night.